Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's Thursday!

SO, when you read Single Girl in the City, I imagine you imagined a big city like New York or Los Angeles. Or even Chicago.
I'm stationed in Champaign, Illinois.
So, yeah, maybe it's not a huge metropolis. But, hey! I grew up in a town where the shopping options were Walmart and Farm and Home.
Basically, I feel like singing like Tracy Turnblad whenever I leave the apartment.
"Good morning, Cha-ampaign!" It's a bit of a stretch; just go with it.
In short, I have arrived!
Annnnnyway, I just moved here and realized that getting connected is HARD. Especially when you're starting from scratch. Especially when you're not in college. Because, in college it seems like you're being brave, and stepping put of your comfort zone, and being an extrovert. But, friends, I'm here to tell you: This just isn't true.
For instance, how do you make friends in college?
How did I? Band. Choir. Roommates. Classmates. Clubs. See? Everything was readily available. There was no searching or very much risk.
Eragon (ergo), I'm challenging myself this week. And, while I realize zero to no people read this blog, I'm challenging everyone out there, too.
In this next week I will:
Strike up real conversations with my coworkers.
Actually talk to my barista.
Say hello to my neighbors.
And, finally, join a group of some kind.
And I will write about it.
Alright, it's on the internet. So I have to do it.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Greetings, dear ones!


Let's just get right to the nitty gritty: Singlehood can be hard. Especially, when it seems that everyone and their three Welsh Corgis are in relationships, getting married, having children....


Don't get me wrong, I love kids! I just don't think I'm ready for a permanent one right now. And that's kinda how I feel about a relationship. Well, somedays. Other days, I lay in bed watching While You Were Sleeping or The Proposal or any romantic movie with Sandra Bullock (Except The Lakehouse. What was that?!) and I think/sob into my pillow, "Why can't that be my life?"

The simple answer to that is I'm not brave enough to jump onto railroad tracks to save a man, I'm not cool enough to be from Canada, and nowhere near being as awesome as the one and only SB! SO, there you have it. The three reasons I'm single.

Just kidding! But, I do think Hollywood has created an image that little girls who became women who at heart are still little girls have a hard time replacing. This idea that the perfect relationship is action packed and dangerous and devious and explosively dynamic, yet realllllly easy- it's damaging! These are unfair expectations that Disney and Warner Bros. have ingrained in our impressionable hearts.

Alright, alright. I'm not hating on anyone. I just think we need to be more real with each other. So, that's what this is  going to be about. Being real and raw and honest and completely vulnerable.

Singlehood can be hard. It can also be easy, wonderful, disappointing, magical, exciting, boring, crazy, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  It's an adventure, and I don't know what the end of my movie will look like.   Will I make it out alive? Will I save the world one blog at a time?! Probs not. Buuuuut, I'm way excited to find out!