Saturday, February 16, 2013

Drugs and such

I'm a druggie now. Yup. I take Trazodone. I'm a street hardened criminal. It's fine.

Jk. My doctor prescribed it to me. On the lowest dosage. 

Summation of the sleep aid: WONDERFUL. 

In other news, I'm about to start a new goal. You know those posters that are black and white and have inspirational sentences and challenges on them? Like, the Holstee Manifesto? Well, I have a couple of those and am currently trying to brainstorm some things to with them. Maybe do two of the goals each week.

Yeah, I don't know. I had this revelation on my 6 hour drive home.

This is kind of a cop out blog. But I did it. And that's what counts.

Monday, February 11, 2013

So, funny story....

There was a homicide in my apartment complex.


So, that's neat.

Basically, this guy killed this other because the guy was going to tell on the other guy... Alright. Let's just call them Mr. A (aka Street Hardened Killer) and Mr. B (aka Dead Guy).

At approximately 8:30pm on Monday, Mr. B was getting ready for bed because he had a big day on Tuesday. He was going to testify in court against Mr. A. Mr. A tracked him down, popped a cap in him, and left the scene. 

What was Mr. B testifying about? I'm glad you asked! He was going to testify against Mr. A because Mr. A had apparently shot him last year as well. Unfortunately, the streets hold no mercy, and Mr. B, may he rest in peace, will be testifying in a higher court. Or a lower court, as the case may be. Well, possibly both. Because, he'd have to go to the pearly gates first, right? And then be sent down? 


Well, clearly I need to work on my theology. But the fact remains, a man is dead. And, a killer is on the loose.

And that's why this entry is a bit late. Because I have anxiety. Like, panic attack anxiety. And it's going crazy this week!

The office people at the complex were all like, "It was just a targeted shooting. It was an isolated event. There's absolutely nothing for you to worry about."

Mm. Right. But, except, bullets. And DEATH. But other than that. Yeah. Totes fine.

My roommate and I also recently found out we live next to THE biggest drug operation in the county. 

And this is why I can't make friends with my neighbors. 

As a side note, I realize that I have broken the promise and thus am required to submit a humiliating picture of me. However, I think that due to extenuating circumstances, I should be let off the hook, provided that I extend the promise an extra week.


Stay alive!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Korean Dramedies

I have found a sure fire way to NOT make friends. Here are the steps.

1.Search Korean Dramas on Netflix
2. Proceed to watch and be sucked into one.
3. Look at the handy dandy suggestions Netflix provides.
4. Watch another.
5. And another...
6. And another, until you never leave your room.

I don't know how this happened to me, but I have an addiction! Maybe it's because I finally, finally, FINALLY decided on a ESL major. Or maybe it's the massive amounts of assorted Asian cuisine I have been partaking in.  

I don't know. 

What I DO know is that I've burned through 6 series in the past two weeks. It's unhealthy. Outside of work, I haven't had real human contact. 

This. Is. A problem.

So, today I have decided that for the next week (starting on Sunday) I will not watch a Korean show, or may my eyes turn to jello.