Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Any Given Tuesday

So, quarter life crises are real things which is super cool and not terrifying at all.




*sobs uncontrollably while sitting in the bathtub shoving Oreos down her throat*

But srsly. Why is this such a hard time? I realize due to my circumstances, my 24 year old experience is non traditional, but what is traditional really? Is there a norm for getting through your early twenties and starting your life and not freaking out because the future is mind-blowingly scary? IS THERE? 

I just don't think so. Maybe we feel like there should be one because there's this ridiculous mindset pushed onto us that EVERYONE should go to college, and EVERYONE should finish in 4 years, and EVERYONE should have a 9-5 job, and EVERYONE should hate the aforementioned 9-5 job, but it's unavoidable because that's just what EVERYONE does. Who is this EVERYONE and why they lyin'?

Why? Why do we perpetuate this crap? I don't know two people with the same post high school story. So why in the world do I obsessively stress out about how long it's taking me to get my degree and how old I'll be when I start my career? Why can I not just be content with my life and the progress I'm making?

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