Saturday, January 26, 2013


Didn't think I was gonna get one in this week, huh?


Heeeeeere's the thing:

I. Have friends.

Like real ones. That come over to my apartment. That I text. Who text me. Who I go shopping with.


Yeah. It's kind of a big deal. 

Because, making acquaintances is easy. I talk to the same people everyday at the mall. Sometimes we even grab lunch together in the food court! But, it's really hard to make the jump between acquaintances and legitimate friends. And, as I've realized, there's not really a set of rules. Which I hate.

I like structure. 

I like direction. 

But there are none when you're trying to make friends!!! It's cutthroat! And nerve wracking. Asking someone to come over to your apartment is terrifying. Especially, if you work with them. Because, if they refuse, every single day after that is awkward. Well, I make it awkward. 

But still. 


Yet, somehow this wonderful thing has happened. And there are people at my ghetto apartment. Right now.

....which means I should go. And talk with them. Because they are my friends.


It's been a big week.

Peace out!

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